About us

About us

From the initial company bitprofessional.com Sascha Klein to Evolution Codes OHG we have a good piece of evolution behind us.

Our History




On 04. October 2007 the starting signal for many successful years took place. On this day the company bitprofessional.com Sascha Klein was founded as a sole proprietorship.

Initially, Sascha Klein specialized in accompanying numerous customers on their way to the Internet. By using appropriate server technologies and configuring open source software systems, he created customized web solutions together with the customers and brought them online.

Since then, we have been constantly educating ourselves in the most diverse web technologies. This enabled us to expand our portfolio over time and to always use the latest technologies. So we can offer you tailor-made modern solutions today and in the future.


GBR & Limited


2009 was certainly an exciting year for bitprofessional.com!

First, an expansion from a sole proprietorship to a civil law partnership (GbR) took place on January 14, 2009. This was followed by the change of business form to a Limited (Ltd.) on July 16, 2009.

In September 2009 Daniel Klein joined the company as an operative developer and at the same time as a further managing partner.




In 2011, we completely reorganized our processes. For you, from spring to summer 2011, we first took care of redesigning our project management processes and introduced agile software development with corresponding processes. This agility has remained to this day as we continue to evolve and optimize our processes to align with modern methods.

Not only have we redesigned the project management processes… We have also educated ourselves in the field of online marketing (especially search engine optimization and social media marketing). Thus, we can support you in marketing your projects if needed.

2013 & 2017 & 2020



In January 2013, our company moved its headquarter to Munich. We have been able to quickly expand our customer base there, but are of course still represented locally for all our existing and new customers in the greater Cologne and Frankfurt area. In 2017 the move to Bruckberg followed and in 2020 the move to Rohr near Regensburg.

Even if you are located at another site, outside the above mentioned areas, we will gladly take over your project. Thanks to today’s technologies, many operational activities can be carried out remotely. According to your wishes we conduct meetings on site or via fon, Teams or similar meeting services.



Jubiläum - 10 Jahre

10 years! Not many small to medium-sized companies manage that. The 10th birthday in 2017 made us all the more proud, and we are all the more grateful to you! Because it is only thanks to our customers and partners, who have placed their trust in us all these years and accompanied us on our way, that we have achieved this. Many thanks for that!

Of course, we have also managed to do this because our job is not an easy one for us… We live what we do. To this day, we are fully committed, very interested in new technologies and put our heart and soul into our work – and we want it to stay that way for a long time to come.

That’s why we took our anniversary as an opportunity to completely redevelop our (then) website with modern technologies. This was not only a lot of fun, but also broadened our skills and laid another foundation for further technologies.




After all this time, in 2019 we made the decision to say goodbye to bitprofessional.com Ltd. We wanted to reinvent ourselves, redefine our goals and create a company that fits even more to these goals.

Sometimes we have always had the goal to bring the Internet and especially the complex web applications to a high quality and the latest technologies. We have always lived this since the founding of bitprofessional.com Ltd., but perhaps not always carried it to the outside world. Hence the decision to reinvent ourselves.

We wanted and want to actively shape the evolution of the Internet. That’s why we founded Evolution Codes OHG. From now on, the name says it all. In our new guise, we now drive the evolution of the Internet even more actively together with you and create great solutions.

Our holders

Sascha Klein

Sascha Klein is not only the owner and managing director at Evolution Codes OHG, but also a developer. His focus is on backend development with a wide variety of technologies as well as server and network administration.

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Daniel Klein - Evolution Codes

Daniel Klein

Daniel Klein is not only the owner and managing director at Evolution Codes OHG, but also a developer. His focus is on frontend development with various technologies as well as layout and SEO.

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