Portals offer the possibility to bundle and visualize data centrally.

Portals can be used to control various systems such as server infrastructures or software. The possible uses of portals are many and varied. Here are just a few examples:

  • Web portals
    • Trading platforms
    • Collaboration platforms
  • Customer portals for the visualization of e.g. monetization or reach in the online advertising industry
  • Management portals for controlling software or IT infrastructures
  • Portals for project / task management
  • Sales and marketing portals for sales process management or campaign management

Big data

In the context of portals, we understand how we can collect data – even in large quantities – efficiently and almost in real time and visualize it clearly and with high performance. There are various options for visualization. Large amounts of data can be summarized as statistics and displayed in tables. For a visually simpler overview, the data can also be visualized in diagrams as an alternative or in addition to tables.

We create clearly structured summaries of the data from loaded “raw data”. We also offer the option of viewing further details on individual data records.


In real time …

Real-time processing is also our core business when it comes to managing IT infrastructures or projects/tasks. For example, management portals can be used to configure servers, maintain systems remotely, switch infrastructure components on or off, assign and plan projects or tasks, and much more. We build the portals and functions according to your needs and automate the processes as much as possible so that you can work efficiently in the end.